Being the world’s largest manufacturer  of co-enzymes / co-factors, OYC is a key supplier of coenzymes to the global market. Our co-enzymes NAD, NADH, NADP, NADPH, Thio-NAD, APAD(H), Coenzyme-A, CoQ10/CoQ40, etc have been specifically tailored for various applications in IVD, Nutraceuticals Life Science, and API. Our co-enzymes / co-factors have been modified to work in various enzymatic applications to give you the highest yield and best result.  OYC Europe offers a steady supply of high quality co-enzymes at a competitive price.

OYC works together with leading industry players and scientist to create and test new applications using co-enzymes. It is our mission to stay at the forefront of development and to be able to provide key materials to new market developments.

OYC has developed specific co-enzymes / co-factors especially for the API. In addition to our co-enzymes, OYC manufactures (recombinant) enzymes and proteins, and substrates to provide you with the best quality all round materials to help improve the quality of your reactions and applications.

For the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry OYC has produced high quality co-factors which meet the highly regulated demands of the industry. Our co-enzymes are gluten-free and animal-free and therefore can be used in the production of food applications and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). With years of experience in the Biotech and Pharma industry, you can rely on OYC to provide you with quality materials and excellent technical support.

Specific to the Nutraceutical market, OYC has developed supplement grade co-enzymes. Our supplement grade co-enzymes are used globally in various applications e.g. cosmetics, food supplements, sport drinks and healthy food. OYC can assist you in the production of your nutraceutical applications using our materials and provide you with product registration and marketing support to enhance the sales of your finished goods.

If you are interested in using our co-enzymes in your production and making use of our years of experience in specific markets, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to talk to you about your needs. If you are interested in distributing our co-enzymes, please visit our distributor page for further details. We look forward to exploring new opportunities with you.