Full Name: Human C-Reactive Protein (rCRP)

Host cell: E.coli


Standard: rhCRP-04

Appearance: Clear Solution

Concentration: 1mg/mL (calculated by spectrophotometry, ε280nm of 1% solution = 17)

Purity: a single major band (1µg application) around molecular weight of 23kD on SDS-PAGE

State: solution in 20 mM Tris-HCL buffer, 2mMCaCl2, 0.14m NaCl, 0.05% NaN3, pH 7.5±0.1

r-hCRP is produced into culture medium by DNA recombinant procedure in E. Coli as secretory protein. By expressing kil gene, the outer membrane of E. Coli becomes permeable, allowing r-hCRP to be excreted without cell lysis. r-hCRP has similar biological property in terms of Ca2+-binding ability to the native protein, and is purified by affinity chromatography. N-terminal amino acid sequence of r-hCRP is the same as that of the native human CRP.

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